All you need to know about The Lean Way

Monitor your improvement culture and bring your data to life

Monitor your improvement cultureMonitor your improvement cultureMonitor your improvement cultureMonitor your improvement cultureMonitor your improvement culture
Widgets help streamline your improvement culture by making it easy to visualize your company’s continuous improvement efforts. They give you a clear overview of your progress. Charts and KPIs can be displayed using a wide choice of widgets, from simple tables to advanced charts.

Bring your data to life

Get your data out in the open where the whole company can see it.

The Lean Way makes it possible to build consensus around your company's goals and KPIs, and improve the visibility regarding the status of your company continuous improvement efforts.

Bring Data to Life
Monitor Your Improvement Culture

Monitor your
improvement culture

Knowing how you’re doing right now is the first step to getting better. Get the information you need to evaluate and assess the health of your improvement culture. See the effectiveness of your 2 second lean ideas in real-time.

and pick your look

Select which widgets you want to display and customize your widgets to reflect the unique needs of your organization. Modify your workspace to suit your project or process – it’s as simple as drag and drop.

Customize and Pick your look
impact widgets

Know your Impact

See the aggregate impact of improvements across your organization and arm yourself with the data you need to assess the health of your improvement culture. Have the data to measure the effectiveness and ROI of your lean initiatives.

Track Progress

Get updates on the status of improvements everywhere, instantly in a single widget. Know when too many are overdue or remain unassigned to eliminate bottlenecks.

track progress
hall of famehall of fame

Reward and Incentivize

Know who is submitting lots of improvements, pinpoint which team is performing best. Identify who needs additional coaching. Find out who should be rewarded and who should be incentivized.