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Build a culture of Lean Thinking & Continuous Improvement.
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The Lean Way is a continuous improvement software that enables teams of all types and across all levels of the organization to apply Lean principles to their work by allowing you and your team to capture, implement, measure, and share continuous improvements.

The success of any lean transformation depends on your ability to make it last — to truly absorb it into your cultural mindset. It’s a journey that starts with what you do now and evolves progressively over time. The Lean Way unites everyone around continuous improvement and channels the power of your organization’s improvement capability by engaging everyone from your front lines to your executive suite in order to create a culture of continuous improvement that spreads, scales, and sustains. Whatever workflow you use — we help you remove waste and continuously improve.

For teams & organizations that are committed to Lean and Continuous Improvement, The Lean Way fits naturally into your workflow and help you harness the power of your organization's improvement potential


Small Team. Big Ideas

Nawras Skhmot

Chief Executive Officer

Doanh Do

Chief Technology Officer

Mesrop Minasyan

Frontend Engineer

Lyubomyr Rudko

Senior Javascript Engineer

Streamline your improvement workflow and assess the health of your improvement culture. One method, endless applications.

The Lean Way gives you the flexibility to continuously improve, making small, incremental changes that minimize risk while demonstrating improvement. Capture both daily improvements and large events in a single platform and assess the health of your improvement culture with a quick view into each member's submission and completion rates, and each improvement's progress and impact.

Why is it different?

enhance knowledge-sharing
Simplify Knowledge Sharing

Empower your people to learn from each other and use The Lean Way to search for new ideas or to let others know when you've had a stroke of genius.

apply lean thinking
Built for Lean

Purpose-built to help you optimize your workflow by removing bottlenecks and waste (Muda) from your process through the implementation of lean practices.

Monitor Your Improvement Culture

Knowing how you're doing right now is the first step to getting better. Assess the health of your improvement culture with the help of fun and visual widgets.

real time collaboration
Full Flexibility

Do it your Way! Easily adapt The Lean Way to fit your team’s unique process without restricting the way you work. Customize the layouts to fit your precise needs for improvements.

access anywhere
Access Anywhere

Empower employees to capture improvements whenever the inspiration strikes them. Improve everywhere and anywhere from a browser or a mobile device.

safe and secure
Easy & Secure

Focus on your improvements, and leave the technology to us! The Lean Way uses end-to-end encryption. It requires no training and is easy to onboard your employees.


Many industries can benefit from The Lean Way


Applying Lean and continuous improvement in a healthcare environment can improve patient care and outcomes.


The Lean Way allows anyone in the organization to share knowledge and best practices in order to improve productivity.


Energy projects are complicated and have a high degree of risk. Sharing best practices can significantly reduce these risks.


Government organizations can benefit from continuous process improvement.


Accelerate learning and teaching methods by sharing what works and what does not.


Non-profits can use the Lean Way to improve communication and operational efficiency.


Get expert help to transform the way you work.

The Lean Way´s network of partners helps bring the software to new markets, while also being compensated through an affiliation model. Together we enable organizations to empower their workers to start and sustain their continuous improvement program.

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