All you need to know about The Lean Way

Create a unified continuous improvement culture in your company

Continuous improvement culture

The core of lean is founded on the concept of continuous improvement and the elimination of waste (muda). Having a continuous improvement mindset is essential to maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. The Lean Way provides a system to allow everyone in your company to identify new improvement opportunities and reduce waste in the form of rework, waiting, transportation etc.

Whether you’re submitting daily improvements, collaborating on large projects, or participating in rapid improvement events, keep it simple by doing it on The Lean Way and get everyone on the same page from day one. Enhance your lean six sigma initiatives with The Lean Way.

Stop reinventing
the wheel

Create and share improvements on The Lean Way to help foster a continuous improvement culture and build an improvement knowledge-base across your entire organization.

Empower your people to learn from each other. Develop a learning and continuous improvement culture. Implement the best practices of lean six sigma.

empower people

Identify areas for improvements

Empower everyone in your organization to improve their daily work and Identify areas for improvements to reduce waste with a simple tool that helps engage the people doing the work.

Create an environment that nurtures innovation and fosters a sense of ownership and pride among individuals.

Support your lean manufacturing, lean construction, or lean health care initiatives with well-built digital tools.

identify areas of improvement

Implement change and drive accountability

Once new improvement opportunities have been identified, plan how this can be implemented and assign action steps to your team members to carry out and integrate the new changes into the company.

Drive accountability and a sense of ownership.

drive accountability
measure impact

Measure your impact

Effortlessly track the impact of improvements across your organization, no matter how big or small and get the metrics that matter using consistent, real-time reporting.

reduce waste

Share best practices

Share and communicate new improvements in order to foster a culture of continuous improvement in which individuals are growing, learning and contributing to the overall goal.

share improvementsshare boardsshare knowledge

Achieve your
improvement goals

A unified improvement culture lets you compare apples to apples and keep track of your company's Lean journey and its impact.

Foster transparency and increase visibility with real-time reports that reflect your company's progress.

Customize to fit your company’s workflow

Provide a simple, unified way for everyone to share improvements with customizable submission forms representing your company unique way of getting work done. Should your process change, you’re able to make modifications at any time to match it to your structure on The Lean Way.

custom softwareunified approach for improvements
prevent duplicates

duplicate efforts

Make sure that no one reinvents the wheel with advanced search features that let people know when they’re entering an improvement similar to something that’s already been done.

Filter to get
the details you need

Get answers to the questions you’re already asking with quick search and filters. Filter by people to see everything they’re in charge of. Filter by status of improvements and even create your own dynamic text tags.

filter improvementsquick searchnotificationsimprovement detailsshare ideasknowledge sharingthe lean way software

Empower teams and foster collaboration

Break down silos and unify your improvement culture. Get everyone pulling in the same direction, no matter what they do, with improved transparency into the work of others. The Lean Way makes it easy to collaborate on improvement, no matter where your team is or what they do.

foster collaboration


Increase visibility, accountability, and efficiency and give your team a single place to go for all their improvement information. Organize communications and files with each improvement so that they’re easy to find and always up-to-date.

Follow and Pin to remember

Follow along on improvements to stay informed about new changes, or pin to save the improvements to your board. Create custom boards and share with your peers.

pin to remember

Foster transparency and engagement

Rate improvements and let your peers know how useful this was for you. Keep track on who is submitting improvements and foster a culture of transparency and engagement.

transparency and engagement